Drupal experts since 2006

Drupal Consultancy & Architecture

14+ years of experience in Drupal business analysis, strategy, consultancy, project management and communication.

Drupal development | Modules, themes and distributions

I can build custom modules, themes and distributions. Or enhance existing/contrib projects.

(Available as freelancer)
Joris Snoek
Business Consultant
/ Drupal Developer

Drupal Support and Updates

Support, monitoring and (automatic) updates for your Drupal systems.

Drupal Upgrades and Migrations

I've been migrating since Drupal 4.7 (2006): to a new version of Drupal. But also from any external system to Drupal.

Drupal Integration

Realization of external integration with Drupal. For example: Apache Solr, LDAP / AD, CRM package, HRM software, ERP software

Headless Drupal

Since 2015 we've implemented several headless Drupal projects. Connected for example with ReactJS, VueJS and KnockoutJS.

Drupal Hosting

The right hosting for your Drupal project and integrate techniques such as: Varnish, Solr search, Redis & Memcache.

Drupal SEO

There are many SEO techniques to apply to a Drupal installation, which ones are useful depending on the system and the goals.

Drupal Give

I contribute to the Drupal community on a monthly basis, mainly with our Drupal intranet distribution OpenLucius.

Drupal Intranet

I previously implemented dozens of Drupal intranet systems: from strategy to realization.

Drupal Optimalisatie

When a Drupal system starts to contain a lot of content, users or modules, it can become slower. I can analyze and optimize.

Drupal Training

Experienced in providing training courses: Drupal development, theming, content management and site building.


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