Strategy, UX design and development.

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Drupal Development

Tailor made development of desired specific functionalities and/ or design for every Drupal system. We realize scalable, future- proof and transferable Drupal systems.

Drupal Strategy

We provide support, monitoring, automatic updates and a helpdesk for all Drupal systems. We work with Professional Service Level Agreements.

Joris Snoek -Project Lead
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Drupal Design

Beauty is the biggest seductress. We develop a fitting and effective design for your Drupal website.

Drupal Helpdesk

Our helpdesk is ready for you. technical or non- technical, we have answers to all your Drupal questions.

Drupal Integration

Realization of external links with Drupal. For example: Apache Solr, LDAP / AD, CRM package, HRM software, ERP software

Drupal Hosting

Every Drupal system scalable, optimally secured and monitored. We support techniques to further enhance optimization: APC, Varnish, Solr & Memcache.

Drupal SEO

Many SEO techniques can be applied to a Drupal installation, which ones are useful depends on the system and goals

Drupal Give

Lucius contributes to the Drupal community, mainly with our Drupal intranet distribution OpenLucius.

Drupal Intranet

Design, realization and support of your Drupal intranet.

Drupal Optimization

When a Drupal system starts to contain a lot of content, users or modules, it may work slower. We can optimize Drupal.

Drupal Migration

We migrate ever since Drupal 4.7. We migrate to a new version of Drupal, also from every external system.

Drupal Training

Lucius offers various Drupal trainings: Drupal 7 and 8, Drupal starters day, 3- day Drupal starters course, 3- day Drupal development training, Drupal SEO afternoon, Drupal tailor made training.

Drupal Headless

Wat is different about a Headless Drupal compared to a standard ‘vanilla’ Drupal? As seen from the website visitor: it doesn’t immediately connect with Drupal, but with a frontend JavaScript framework.

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