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How to get the 'image field url' from a referenced node in a Drupal Twig node template

06 Nov, 2021 Drupal

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After quite some Google searching I found some answers that came close, but nothing that worked straight away. So to prevent you from puzzling and searching, here is how to get the image field url from a referenced node in a Twig node template

Use this code for example in node--blog--teaser.html.twig :


<img src="{{ file_url(node.field_REFERENCE.entity.field_IMAGE.entity.uri.value) }}" 
     alt="{{ node.field_REFERENCE.entity.field_IMAGE.entity.alt.value }}" />

Replace 'field_REFERENCE' with your node reference field system name, and replace 'field_IMAGE'  with the system name of your image field.

And by the way: more on Twig file naming conventions in Drupal here.

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Written by Joris Snoek | Nov 06, 2021
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