Drupal module ‘conditional redirect’ released on Drupal.org

Dec 20, 2017

Joris Snoek
Digital Consultant
+31 (0)20 - 261 14 99

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The Popup question redirect module allows Drupal site builders to show website visitors a pop-up in which a question can be asked. If the vistor clicks "Yes" they will be redirected to a given webpage.

Examples of use cases:

  • Request for filling out a survey.
  • To offer a promotion.
  • Highlight a certain (news) page.

Drupal website visitor features:

  • A "Yes" button, visitor will be directed to desired (external) web page.
  • 'Remind me later', show the pop-up again later.
  • "Do not show this again", pop-up will not be shown again.

Drupal backend configuration options

There are configuration options in the Drupal backend:

  • Set popup title and message.
  • Text field to set the redirect link.
  • 'Remind me later' time.
  • Finally, you can enter a list of IP addresses, so the popup will not be shown for visitor from a certain IP / building.

Download here

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