Lucius Launches Body Worlds London | Ticketing Platform

Apr 14, 2019

(Available as freelancer)
Joris Snoek
Business Consultant
/ Drupal Developer

Last week the website of Body Worlds London was launched. This happened simultaneously with the press launch of this 'life-changing exhibition'.

Lucius produced the current (Drupal based) platform in one sprint (4 weeks), in the coming period we will work on expansions in new sprints. Among other things, an e-commerce ticket system will be integrated, in addition to a number of smaller expansions and optimisations.

During the last sprint a team of designers, front-enders and back-enders simultaneously worked on the website in one scrum team. As a result, functional wishes, design and technology were constantly coordinated and the tight deadline was met without any problems.

About Body Worlds

This well-known exhibition already has a permanent place in Amsterdam and was previously traveling around. From October on Piccadilly Circus (literally the heart of London) this world-class exhibition will also be on display, tickets can be ordered now!

Check it out:

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