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How to remove all Drupal 10 core CSS -and JS files, for an uber-clean frontend theme

07 Apr, 2023 Drupal

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remove drupal core css js files

I wanted to make a frontend theme as clean and fast as possible, so wanted to remove all Drupal core stylsheets. After quite some research I couldn't find a complete solution, so scratched my own itch:

Here's is an example of how could look like, to strip your frontend theme from all Drupal CSS -and JS files.

name: Your Theme
type: theme
description: "Your Theme description"
core_version_requirement: ^10
base theme: false
  - assets/css/editor/ck_editor.css
  - your_theme/global
  main_menu: Main Menu
  breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs
  content: Content
  sidebar_right: Sidebar Right
  footer_menu: Footer Menu
  core/jquery: your_theme/jquery-custom
  system/base: false
  views/views.module: false
  core/internal.underscore: false
  core/once: false
  core/internal.backbone: false
  core/drupalSettings: false
  core/drupal: false
  contextual/drupal.contextual-links: false
  core/drupal.progress: false
  core/ false
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Written by Joris Snoek | Apr 07, 2023
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