Group chats are here! Now included in Drupal distro OpenLucius

Jan 05, 2021

(Available as freelancer)
Joris Snoek
Business Consultant
/ Drupal Developer

Communication, work and documentation gets fragmented easily - very frustrating. Nowadays every organization needs/has some kind of group chat, like Slack or Microsoft Teams. But those chats are often detached from your other team activity like: project management, social posts, files and folders.

Often group chat is just another island with lots of distractions.

It doesn't have to be like that: our brand new and integrated group chats cause none of the above, but they áre:

Drupal open source advantages

  • Extendable with extra needed modules, integrations, functions or permissions
  • Multilingual
  • OpenSaas
  • Private hosting is possible

Integrated with all other teamwork

Integrated in groups, use our group chat together with all your other team activity like:

  • Projects and tasks
  • Messages
  • Stories
  • Notebooks
  • Files and folders
  • Social posts
  • Polls
  • Culture/social questions
  • Check-ins
  • Shout-outs
  • Icebreakers
  • A task board (kanban) that's usable for users of all digital levels.

Customizable, brandable

Just like the rest of the OpenLucius features, our group chat is:

  • Customizable to your organization's needs and workflows;
  • ‘Brandable’ to your companies house style;
  • Because: 100% open source :)

Basic features

Test our Group chat now, or install it yourself open source.

If you want to test our group chat this instant, that of course is possible, click here to get started . Or download and install OpenLucius yourself via the project page on


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