23 cool Drupal modules for site builders and developers | August 2020

Aug 04, 2020

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Joris Snoek
Business Consultant
/ Drupal Developer

As a Drupal developer / consultant I think it is important to stay up-to-date on module releases, so that I don't code unnecessarily and manage projects as efficient as possible. So here's my batch of this month -all Drupal 9 compatible!

1. Super Login

Enhances Drupal's login features, with things like:

  • Logging in with email address as well as username;
  • More user friendly layouts;
  • Dynamic caps lock warning message displayed when typing login password;
  • .. and ~11 other great features.


2. Simple Like Button

I release this last month, of course this needs to be here (:


3. Site Alert

Put up site-wide messages easily, for example: place an alert, a maintenance downtime message, or general information.


4. Mail Login

If you use Drupal's core login features, users need to login with their username. This light weight module makes sure they can also use an email address, which prevents a lot of support calls.


5. Editor Advanced Image

When you insert an image into content via a Rich text editor, maybe you want to add an extra class, title or id: for styling -or SEO purposes. This module will facilitate that for your Drupal website.


6. Simple Password Reset

When a user requests a new password in your Drupal site:

  1. They'll get a login link emailed;
  2. If clicked, they'll get a screen with a 'login button';
  3. If they click that: they'll be redirected to their user edit page where they can change password.

This module make this process more easy:

  • It skips the login form and brings the user right to profile edit page.
  • It logs the current user out, so they don't get an access denied error, where Drupal defaults to otherwise.

These measures will prevents a lot of confusion and support calls, trust me.


7. Nice login

When you implement a (custom) Drupal theme, the default user login page also needs styling, a lot of the times this is not done because of other priorities. Install this module and you'll be done in no time with styling the Drupal login form.


8. Poll

Create and manage polls right away in your Drupal website. As mentioned on the project page, it's features include:

  • Per-poll options for anonymous voting;
  • Whether voting is required;
  • Open / closed polls;
  • A block to display the latest poll;
  • Views integration;
  • Performance: well integrated with render caching and BigPipe, uses Ajax for voting;
  • Fully multilingual, translate polls and choices.


9. Environment Indicator

Very handy module that clearly shows in what environment your browser currently is, for example: local, test or live. So you're a lot less likely to perform actions in the wrong environment like clearing cache, managing content, change config, etc.

We've all been there, but don't have to be anymore now (:


10. Modal Page

Modals windows are used for different use cases like:

  • Drawing attention to piece of information;
  • Collecting configuration options;
  • Warnings / messages.
  • Blocking the application flow until information required to continue is entered;

Drupal core doesn't have an option to show content in a modal window out of the box, install this module and you'll have.


11. Smart Date

You can use the Drupal core Date field for all kinds of purposes, but it lacks some user-friendliness and functionality. This module enhances the Date field in these areas:

  • Admin UI;
  • All day events;
  • Zero duration events;
  • Formatting;
  • Performance.


12. Search Index Wipe

The Drupal search index can be massive on sites with humongous amounts of content. Sometimes it's too much for the Drupal's default 'search purge' function to handle. That is where this module steps in: it can handle massive search index wipes.


13. Entity Update

I think all Drupal developers have been through this: create a custom entity, implement it and content will follow. Then suddenly you'll need to change or add a field, so change the schema of your custom Drupal entity. To implement this change, you'll have to truncate all content of this entity type, which is kind of nasty if there is already 'production content'. This module can help you solve this problem.


14. Weight

Add a Weight field to your Drupal content type, that you can use for sorting. For example: sort a view manually by the number filled into your Weight field, so not chronologically or alphabetically.


15. Similar By Terms

Makes it easy for Drupal site builder to show for example 'Similar content' in a block, based on taxonomy terms.


16. Easy Breadcrumb

Drupal's default breadcrumb function is kind of meh to implement, this popular module makes your breadcrumb life a lot easier.


17. Login Popup

Drupal's default login and register features are separate pages, which can interrupt user's workflow. This module provides them in a popup / modal window.


18. Mobile Detect

While most responsiveness can be done with css / media queries, sometimes you just want to alter the page based really on a device, like hiding blocks on an a mobile device for example. This module implements the mobiledetect library for you to use in Drupal.


19. View Mode Page

Drupal's core is equipped with View modes, to facilitate different layouts for the same content like:

  • Full pages;
  • Teasers;
  • Rss.

But within Drupal core it's not possible to create pages of the same content type in different view modes (layouts). This module makes that possible: "Create separate pages for different view modes for a given content type." as the Drupal project page clearly states.


20. CKEditor Entity Link

When installed, this module will make it possible for Drupal content managers to insert a link to any entity type: content, files, taxonomy, tags, users, etc.


21. Tooltip Taxonomy

Show tooltips to your Drupal website visitor with help of Drupal's taxonomy. Easy manageable by content managers.


22. Font Awesome Icons

Use the Font Awesome icon library in your Drupal website with this very popular module.


23. Entity Blocks

If you need entities (nodes/content, files, users, etc) to show in a block, this module might come in handy: "Entity block module lets you create blocks that can reference an entity." For example: show a certain piece of content in a block on the homepage (in a selected Drupal View mode)


Wrap up

Alright, that's it for now, hopefully this Drupal module list can kickstart your specific need in a new or ongoing Drupal project. I'll publish another one next month, so stay tuned via my monthly Drupal newsletter!


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