14 Cool Drupal 8 modules for site builders | August 2016

Aug 22, 2016

Joris Snoek
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Here’s what struck me last month about Drupal modules. This month I have chosen to focus on Drupal 8 as this is slowly becoming the go-to version - partly because many required modules have been migrated and grown up.

1. Require Login

Make sure all your visitors on your Drupal website are obligated to log in. Handy for a Drupal intranet or social communities. It is possible to exclude certain paths so that they are publicly available.


2. 403 to 404

Mini module that ensures you will get to see a page not found on an access denied page. This way others will not found out that this page is an administration page.

Global redirect contains a similar feature.

Comment from Adam Evertsson:

About 403 to 404, you write that Global Redirect has a similar feature. There isn't a Drupal 8 version, and that functionality has been included in the Redirect module, https://www.drupal.org/project/redirect


3. Block tabs

Add tabs in blocks in order to cluster information. Similar to the Quick Tabs module. But Quick Tabs has no version for Drupal 8. Furthermore Block Tabs is offering integration with the Drupal 8 API, plugin system, block, entity and config API. Add CSS yourself to adjust the tabs according to your house style.


4. ShareThis

Do you like to have social buttons so people can easily share pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Integrate the ShareThis social bookmarking service in your Drupal 8 website using this module to get you socialized in no time.


5. Page Load Progress

Some heavy activities in a Drupal website can take a few seconds. In these cases it is preferable to lock the screen to avoid impatient users clicking other features. You can show a throbber and thus lock the screen using this module.


6. Adminimal Admin Toolbar (Drupal 8)

The Drupal 8 admin toolbar is fine, but could be better. This version is inspired on the popular module Adminimal Administration Menu


7. Node Order

Manually organizing nodes within a given Drupal taxonomy term. By default Drupal is sorting on sticky and date created. Using this module you can determine the order yourself.


8. Mail system

This popular module is migrated to Drupal 8. This allows the administration of all kinds of actions related to sending an email from Drupal 8. For example:

  • Formatting of emails in HTML
  • Managing email per Drupal module
  • Templates for e-mails


9. Optimizely

Everybody should constantly be A/B testing for conversion optimization. Optimizely.com is such an A/B testing tool that integrates in your Drupal 8 website using this module.


10. Menu block

Drupal 8 has standard features to place menus via blocks in your website. But it misses some features that are complemented by this module:

  • Determine how many menu levels you want to show
  • Set initial menu level
  • Expand all Drupal menu items


11. Update External Links

Open external links in text automatically in a new window to avoid people navigating accidentally away from your Drupal 8 website. Similar to the modules External links and External New Tab


12. Pinterest Hover button

Simple module that let’s you show automatically a pin it button as soon as website visitors hover over an image. Now also available for Drupal 8.


13. Easy Social

Similar to the above mentioned ’ShareThis’: make it easy to share your Drupal 8 content on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This module is not using an external service unlike ‘ShareThis’.


14. Chosen

Makes selecting items (f.e. Drupal taxonomy terms) easier for content managers in your Drupal system. Now available for Drupal 8.


Wrap up

OK, that’s it for now, stay tuned for more interesting Drupal stuff and next month again a cool Drupal modules update!

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