Love for "Node As Block" Drupal module

13 Sep 2011

Joris Snoek - Business Dev
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Another one of my favourite 'small but real helpful module' is "node as block"

We always want to deliver a Drupal system that is as user friendly as possible.
So content managers can administer the content painless.

And we always want all our content in a node and not in a block.
This makes it easy to administer and for example you have a good multi-langual administration.
If you put block-content in a block, then that's not very user-friendly and hard to manage, especially in a multi-langual Drupal system.

The Drupal module "node as block" scratches your itch.
In short what is does is: when you create a node, it creates a block for that node.
After that content manager only has to place the block in his beloved site region and voila: Content from a node in a block.

To get the correct output has we want, we hook into the block HTML and make sure correct automatically layout is styled conform design.
This way the CCK fields (usually text and images for block content) that are filled by content manager are painlessly presented in a block.

Feedback or questions about content in blocks with Drupal?

If you feel like it: please hit me on Twitter for all your feedback, and any other issue!


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