Frontpage cache handling in multi-langual Drupal website

13 Sep 2011

Joris Snoek
Digital Consultant
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A few months ago we ran into a caching case on a global Drupal multi-site.
The site runs on 4 languages: English (main), Dutch, Spanish and German.

We set up the Drupal standard caching system wich is handled per url by Drupal.

So every page on a unique url is cached by Drupal.
When a anonymous visitor hits the site, Drupal serves completetly from cache, wich gives a tremendous performance boost.

The problem

All URL are unique (we used language prefixes in URL), except one...: Frontpage !

So what happened: after cache time expired and Drupal starts to re-cache; the frontpage was cached by the first visitor. And if this was for example a German person, frontpage was cached in German for all visitors! Cos Drupal was also set to: check vistor's browser language and show that language.

Here is how we handled it

You can alter the standard Drupal cache handler in a custom module. To accomplish this, add for example the following code in your settings.php:

* Override cache handler
$conf = array(
'cache_inc' => './sites/all/modules/custom/cstcache/'

In that .inc file you can completely alter the cache handling. By using some core functions and customization we managed to solve this problem.

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