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13 Sep 2011

Joris Snoek
Digital Consultant
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Ever wanted to show the lastest tweet from whoever or whatever Twitter-search in a block?

The module can also be used to show a latest item from whatever RSS-stream.

We created a module that can handle this for you. We use the RSS stream everyone on twitter has, the Drupal core Agregator and our module.

I know there also is the "Twitter" module. But this one provides a user friendly out of the box latest tweet.

After you installed the 'Latest tweet' module, only three steps will bring you to publishing a latest tweet in a block:

  1. Aggregate the feed of your choice with help of Drupal core aggregator
  2. Choose your RSS stream in block configuration
  3. Place the block in a region

Howto in more detail:

1. Upload and install the module

Download the module (see download link below) and install it.
How to install the module is probably known territory for you. So we are not going to explain that here.
The module depends on Drupal's core 'Aggragotor' module, so when you install it, that one also has to be enabled.

2. Choose your Twitter RSS feed and add it in Aggregator module

Every twitter account or search query has it's own RSS feed and thus RSS-link. You'll find that link in the right sidebar below on the desired page.
Get that RSS link and create an Aggregator item from it (admin/content/aggregator/add/feed). Now the choosen RSS Twitter-items will be aggregated into your Drupal Database.

3. Configure the "Latest tweet" block

Goto your block configuration page (admin/build/block/list) and look up our block that should appear here: "latest tweet"
Hit 'configure'. Now you get to the configuration page. Here you'll find a drop-down box. Choose your Twitter RSS stream here.
And finally: place the block in your desired region.

You're done!

Views, Twitter API, ...

This is just one solution. Off course, there are lot's more.
For example with Views & Twitter module or with help of Twitter API.

HTML overridable

Need custom HTML for this block: no problem.
We implemented a tpl-file that you can override in your theme-folder.

Feedback, Questions about twitter integration on your site?

Or maybe you know a nice module that does the trick...
Please hit me on Twitter for all your feedback, and any other issue!


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