Feature Friday: "Simple Document management" for Drupal Open Atrium

18 Jan 2013

Joris Snoek
Digital Consultant
+31 (0)20 - 261 14 99

Note: our "Drupal features" articles are English, so the whole world can enjoy the love :)

For all you Drupal Open Atrium users out there, did you ever run into a search for documents within a group? You didn't know exactly where you put it, or you simply want an overview of all documents uploaded within all features of a group? Well, this feature may be a handy one for you. When enabled in a group, it simply gives an overview of all documents attached in that group. And it also provides a search filter on the right, yeah! :)

This is a feature we build about two years ago to scratch our own itch.

How to install

  • Download, unpack and install the module
  • Enable the feature in your Open Atrium install ( /admin/build/features or "drush en lucius_document_management" )
  • Grant acces to the feature in /admin/user/permissions => 'access all documents'
  • Enable the feature in a group

Then it looks something like this

Click here to see full size screenshot


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