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Written by: Joris Snoek
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Lucius works from the magnificent city of Amsterdam, on the Weesperstraat at WeWork Metropool: an inspiring, social community with almost 1000 people and hundreds of companies.

As PHP developer at team Lucius you will ensure that our systems are set to work flawlessly.

Wat you’re telling at a barbecue:

I’m building epic international web systems. And no – I’m not going to fix your PC.

What you’re really doing

  • Conceiving new functionalities and realizing them;
  • Constantly improving technologies;
  • Improving the user-friendliness of our systems.

How to do this

By being an all-rounder, with an ‘owners’ mentality in a Scrum team. You have your own specialization, but should be able to perform all other tasks within the team.

You prioritize your own work, together with the team and the product owners. You’ll receive feedback from end-customers and are able to process it by yourself.

You are able to find and deploy the right tools for any gig independently. Choices made in the past are never leading.

You are working in a motivated team which strives to meet ambitious sprints.

Good ideas will always find fertile ground with us.

Lucius' Job

Literally and figuratively awesome systems, for national as well as international customers. Our product Lus and our online portfolio will provide a terrific insight, however, we aren’t allowed to show the most awesome projects.

Give us a call, and we’re happy to tell you everything you want to know!

About Lucius and the future

Our team produces advanced digital systems based on PHP, NodeJS and similar techniques.

We mainly support marketing design agencies and are constantly developing marvelous additions to OpenLucius.

Our portfolio is constantly expanding, as our partners increasingly appreciate our added value, as we appreciate theirs.

We are exceptionally good at one very specific thing and want to become the biggest on the planet.

How a day at Lucius’ looks like

Your morning will start with a stand-up of no more than 5 minutes. After which you can do your thing in all quietness. You are responsible for your own agenda, meaning you’ll work on tasks you scheduled.

A task could be: Making a JSON-connection between a Drupal 8 back-end system and a NodeJS front-end system.

In that case you’ll start out with making an analysis, followed up by thinking up a whiteboard architecture. You can consult with whomever you deem beneficial to the task.

After the strategy has been set, you get to work on the production: producing great, scalable and secure code. When you are able to finish said issue that same day, another developer will do a peer review. After which you can process his or her feedback.

Having a buddy (for all the juniors among us)

We’re not throwing you in at the deep end, you’ll get a buddy on the side. With the accompanying motto: ask as many questions as possible.

Being a buddy (for all the seniors among us)

You’re constantly improving the skills of your junior colleagues, in both technical and professional aspect.

Tool box

PHP, NodeJS and similar techniques: Drupal, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, MongoDB,, Behat, Mink, Gulp, npm, Composer, Symfony, GIT, Solr, Memcached, Varnish, ExpressJS, Docker and Ansible.

That’s far from all: new techniques are launched on the market every day. Techniques which have our warm attention.

Required skillset

  • Preferably bachelors’ or masters’ degree with a focus on IT / Software engineering.
  • Having an ‘owners’ mentality, not an ‘employee’ mentality.
  • Sufficient in speaking and writing in English.
  • Being experienced in PHP, SQL, MySQL, Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3.
  • A Terminal is not a black hole
  • You have experience with version management (GIT).
  • Experience with continuous integration systems (like Jenkins) is a plus.
  • Developing Scrum/ Agile is second nature to you.
  • You are able to improve your colleagues’ skills, both technically and professionally.
  • You understand how to analyze what an end-user needs.
  • Experience in large codebases and open source frame works would be nice.
  • Willing to work in Amsterdam.

Our offer

  • Money.
  • Possibilities to keep your money, like a MacBook and a travel allowance.
  • Room to do things the way you like them to do.
  • Constant knowledge development through training.
  • Help from a dedicated buddy.
  • Many things to be learned continuously, through developing cutting edge web-software.
  • 25 holidays.
  • Busloads of cafeine.
  • Ping-Pong-, air hockey-, pool- and football tables come as a standard, this goes without saying.
  • Free responsible cafeine, theine and fruit water.
  • Free irresponsible parties.

Interesting job offer? Let us know!

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