A very Headless Drupaljam 2016

May 27, 2016

Joris Snoek
Digital Consultant
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Last Thursday I had the honour to speak about Headless Drupal on a sold out Drupaljam. See the slides of my presentation at the bottom of this blog.

First I would like to thank the stichting Drupal Nederland for the invitation and their hard work which resulted in a very successful Drupaljam this year.

Many interesting talks were planned in at the same time. In total 20 sessions, including the keynotes. I was able to be present at the keynote of Boris (‘The next web’) van Zanten, cool anecdotes about his companies:

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Also Iskander Smit had interesting things to say about the latest IoT developments:

I am now also completely up to date with PHP-FIG, thanks to the interesting talk from Bart Feenstra 'how the PHP world got off their islands':

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My Headless Drupal session

The preparation of my headless Drupal talk did not take place without a few setbacks. After a rehearsal presentation to my colleagues I found out too late that my session was not running smoothly at all. So I practised and adjusted until the wee hours of the night.

Usually I am not nervous for presentations, but the rehearsals did not go well. So at the beginning of the session my heart was pounding in my throat; especially when it became clear that there was a lot of interest for decoupled Drupal. After 5 minutes the nerves were gone and my Headless Drupal session went according to plan:

A little headless myself

Unfortunately I slept too little and became a little headless myself. The preparation was taking its toll; I went home around 3 p.m. to catch up some sleep.

Unfortunately I could not experience the rest of the day, since I postponed the preparation and rehearsal of my talk for too long. I was absolutely not reluctant, but postponed it constantly.
And somehow work for clients always seem to have the priority :). How could I have prevented this:

My Headless Drupal presentation

Below the presentation of my Drupal session: 'Headless Drupal - What, Why, How, Challenges & examples' (View on Slideshare):

Did you visit Drupaljam?

Let me know your thoughts. And when you are clicking anyway, check here to see if you were spotted.

Wrap up

Next year for sure a successful Drupaljam, see you then!


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