Notebooks are here! Now included in Drupal distro OpenLucius

Dec 15, 2020

(Available as freelancer)
Joris Snoek
Business Consultant
/ Drupal Developer

Notebooks are essential for every organization, project or team. They provide a central place for consistent documentation, so we implemented them in the latest update of OpenLucius.

You can think of notebooks as simple text documents. Which facilitate a central, consistent place for all your documentation needed in your organization, department, project or team.

You can also use them for example for:

  • General manuals;
  • Project documentation;
  • Team information;
  • Onboarding information for new people.

Just like stories, current version is a starting point for Notebooks. Further features will be done based on user feedback. But it’s enough to work with in our experience testing them.

Customizable, brandable

Just like the rest of the OpenLucius features, Notebooks are:

  • Customizable to your organization's needs;
  • ‘Brandable’ to your companies house style;
  • Because: 100% open source :)

Test Notebooks this instant, or install OpenLucius yourself

If you want to test Notebooks this instant, that of course is possible: try them now in the live demo via our product site -> 'Try for free'. Or download and install OpenLucius yourself via the project page on

openlucius notebooks are here


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